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"We love photography for the ability it allows us to capture moments that could otherwise be easily forgotten. We love the little details - how a couple holds hands, how they look at each other, how they embrace, where they chose to have their photos taken. It's all sweet and meaningful. It's such a joy to be able to help others remember and cherish the season they're in."

This sweet couple had to postpone their wedding due to Covid, but still wanted to take photos of their relationship during this season. They chose Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, which his near to their home and a place they sometimes visit for fishing. We’re proudest of being able to help these two feel comfortable and display their love in an authentic, real and genuine way. Getting your photos taken is not easy and can be nerve-wracking, so we’re grateful for the opportunity to create a safe space for our couples to be themselves. These two had a sweet session exploring the cliffs, and even going all the way down to the water to play along the shore. They had a carefree, adventurous spirit that was such a joy to capture during this season!

Pictures by Kristine Lopez

Instagram  & Website

Location: San Diego, California

Gear: Sony A73 with Zeiss 55

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