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"For me, photography is capturing the connection between people. Capturing all the love & those imperfect in-between-moments means giving value to the story of two lovers. It's about fun, the crazy dances but also about goosebump-kisses and sweet hugs. For me, photography means making my couples feel free and valued, loved & wild."
I’m in love with hiking & campfires and all that outdoor stuff, and I want to include this more into my photography. So I decided to take Liza & Paul on a little adventure. We hiked like 30 minutes to that spot which I had in mind and it was perfect – the water wasn’t very high so we could walk around on those dark stones, the sun was slowly going down and the autumn colors were magical. As on every good hike, we took a break drinking hot tea and chilling in a hammock.

Pictures by Debbie Ulrich

Instagram & Website

Location: Aggertalsperre, Gummersbach, Germany 

Gear: Canon 6D Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

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