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"Photography lets me explore my own creativity. It is my tool to express my feelings and thoughts, it lets me transport all the emotions within me. When I'm having my camera in my hand, everything happens naturally and that's what I adore about it. I don't feel the need to always think and plan, I can just let it happen, throw in some prompts and go with the moment to capture authentic and real moments."
You know these spontaneous ideas that turn into plans within seconds? That’s how this shoot came to life: Being on a big family vacation at the North Sea, having enjoyed some home cooked dinner with a glass of wine when we realized the amazing light right in front of our window. I’ve grabbed my camera, my cousin and her boyfriend and we just went with it and had the most fun possible. Everything about these photos is raw, authentic and just in the moment. That’s what I love most about the photos, you can feel their excitement and emotion.

Pictures by Sybilla Heusser

Instagram & Website

Location: Spikeroog, Germany 

Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mark III; Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

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