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"I love that photographs can tell a story that words often can't."

These guys are two of our best and most dear friends. We met through our Church here in Edinburgh and we couldn’t be more blessed to have got to know them. They encourage and support Nathan & I in every single way. We’re also so ridiculously similar to the point Tamar and I literally own the same pair of glasses and last week we turned up to church in almost identical outfits. And Nathan & Matt are like to peas in a pod too. We’re both just so happy to have met people who are like us and can do life with us – thats what true friendship looks like. They’re also an extreemley talented Husband and Wife Photo & Video duo – @tamarhopephotography & @mattwilloughbyfilm they’ve taught us many a thing! We love hanging out together and for some unknown reason we decided going in the sea… in Scotland… would be a fab idea. And, it most certainly WAS. We’d been saying for ages we wanted to do a sea shoot but also Scotland is SUPER cold 90% of the time so we had to put on our brave faces and step up to the plate and it was totally worth it! I love the pure intimacy of the photographs we captured showcasing their playful yet deep love for each other. These guys are awesome & a blessing to know.

Pictures by Joanna Walton

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Gear: Nikon D700 & Nikon 50mm 1.8 Canon 5D IV & Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART

Location: Portobello Beach, Edinburgh, Scotland

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