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"We love doing photography because it gives couples a real and deeply meaningful perspective of their relationship. In every photograph, they are able to see how their love for each other is manifested in a moment. They get to cherish those moments forever. And to us, that's priceless."

They knew they wanted something different than the weddings they’ve seen before— they wanted to do something completely unique, something that’s theirs. They wanted intimacy, and to share the most important moment of their lives together, on top of the world! When they mentioned to Jake and I that they had a very specific hike in mind for their elopement, we were beyond excited. The hike was a 2-hour trek, and they wanted to get there for sunset. That meant that the four of us needed to be prepared for hiking back in the complete darkness. But that didn’t stop us! So, on the day, we started our hike of the Sierra de Huma in the south of Spain at 5pm. They groom carried the bride’s dress and his suit in a huge army bag, which seemed easy for him! We took the trail steady, and many breaks water-chugs later, we finally made it to the top. The Sierra de Huma has a beautiful point at the top that has this rock that juts out— sort of like Yosemite, but in my opinion, better. That’s where we decided to get ready, and the rest… well, you can see in the pictures.

Pictures by Jake and Ganessa

Instagram  & Website

Location: Sierra de Huma, Ronda, Spain

Gear: 2 Sony A7iii Bodies 85mm f/1.8 Sony 35mm f/2.8 Tamron 28-70mm f/2.8 Tamron

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