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"I absolutely love how photography has connected me with so many amazing people around the world. It has allowed me to show people how truly beautiful they are and to help them feel confident in themselves and their love. I also love that photography allows me to be creative and express myself."
I connected with Elle and Missa via Instagram. Even through their IG photos, I could tell they had this beautiful connection and were free-spirited, kind people. I reached out to Elle via Instagram and told her that I was hoping to make both my portfolio and my feed more inclusive. I told her that I hadn’t photographed any non-heteronormative couples. I explained that diversity and inclusion are huge values of mine, and I definitely want to portray that. I then asked if Missa and her would be open to being my models for a couple’s photoshoot. She responded with, “Omg we would LOVE to! That sounds amazing!!” I am so thankful that Elle and Missa were down for my crazy idea of bringing an air mattress to White Point Beach for part of the shoot. It was such an incredible, memorable experience. These two have so much love and admiration for one another, and I felt it literally every second while I was photographing them.

Pictures by Marissa Kay Photography

Location: White Point Beach, Los Angeles

Gear: Canon EOS R6; Canon 85mm 1.2, Canon 50mm 1.2,  Canon 35mm 1.2 

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