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"I love photography because it captures moments that in the physical time would be ethereal and mortal, while keeping those smiles, laughs and gestures even on a digital support can make them last forever. Photography represents the cherishing of a moment, a person, a feeling in the everlasting time."
Daniele and Giancarlo’s story is something truly uncommon, a bit crazy and because of all that, absolutely amazing. When we met at the beach near Sabaudia for a sunset photoshoot, a place dear to their hearts as well, they told me about how they got married after being together for not even 9 months. Almost not even the time for a baby to be born. I was mind-blown. The time together showed me how love can be truly unconditional, how it represents acceptance of one and another even when being totally different. We connected right away, with their interests and passions being real close to what I love, too. I could feel Daniele, the more “serious” one of the couple was a bit tense at the beginning, while Giancarlo was being immediately relaxed and joking around, teasing his husband and trying to make him loosen up. In fact, when we were still planning the photoshoot, Daniele told me right away that his husband was gonna be the one truly enjoying it because he is “an actor, he adores to have photos taken!” So with the help of a bit of a walk, some “rock climbing” and gorgeous lights, we were enjoying the sunset. Both were smiling and having fun, we were talking about everything and anything and I could not stop laughing with them. These two amazing guys holding and kissing were like teenagers who have been together for a few weeks only. They teased each other and played, tickling and making each other laugh, I personally laughed out loud often times, laughing along with them. It was a wonderful sunset photoshoot by the calm sea, seagulls flying around high in the sky. Although it was starting to be a bit chilly, the sand in our feet brought us back to those summer nights when you stay out very late, and it was the perfect way to say goodbye to each other, until next time.

Pictures by Rita Foldi

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Gear: Nikon D810 Nikkor 35mm f1.8

Location: Sabaudia beach, Italy

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