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"I love photography because it brings incredible, free- minded and adventurous people into my life. I love to get their vibe and discover the magic we create together. Very often I just feel inspired after a session. It´s always about the people and their connection."
This evening on the beach of Fuerteventura with Surfer Couple Desiree & Fabio with their dog „Socke“ (best name ever!) was a very special one for me. When Desiree moved with her dog to Fuerteventura 1,5 years ago, she met Fabio and their Lovestory started. We had the coolest time and it was the cutest thing on earth to watch and document all three of them walking at the beach. They’re such a strong connection between them. Soon they will be taking a road trip in Europe. Hopefully we’ll see each other soon at another beautiful spot on earth. Thanks for the great evening!

Pictures by Vanessa Toth

Instagram & Website 

Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV, 35 mm Sigma

Location: Fuerteventura


This Magic Happened Thanks to:
Desiree & Fabio
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