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"The story telling. I’ve been contemplating the idea of stories lately. My thinking is that throughout our lives, we live two distinct stories- the one we tell ourselves and the one we tell the world. We live our thoughts, musings and inner dialogue like we are writing a book. It’s silent, detailed and secret. The narrative exists in solitude between covers, full of wonder and dreaming."
The idea was simplicity and low key. My job is to tell a couple’s unique story so where better to do that than in their home which shows the couples personal style and place of comfort. Gabi and Ciaran are experiencing a newfound feeling of being more at peace at home than they have ever been, preferring to stay home and have a night in spooning their puppy than go out socialising as they have always done. This session shows them at their happiest and most relaxed.

Pictures by Mikaela Cato

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Location: Sidney, Australia

Gear: Canon 6D Mark II; Canon 35mm f1.4


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Love Stories

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