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"We love good stories about people. We photograph to tell our own - those about crazy expeditions and daily routine. About two people who found each other in this big world. About bare feet on the dance floor, tears on the cheeks, and whispered marriage vows."
There are moments when you realize that there are other ways. That you can experience differently, celebrate differently, place an emphasis elsewhere and cultivate something else. And although we know a thousand and one ideas for “this day”, some of them are much closer to us. The bride wrote to us a few days before her wedding. And as soon as we read about bare feet, bonfires, a dress made of curtains, accordions and artists, we immediately started packing. We learned that no real adventure begins with “thank you, I’ll stay home”, so two days later we were on our way. And we did not even think that instead of a story about how to get married beautifully, we’ll see a story about how to have a beautiful life.

Pictures by Ewelina & Dominik Puk

Instagram & Website

Location: Poland

Gear: CANON 5D III; Sigma Art & Canon L Lenses (35mm, 50mm, 85mm), Tilt Adapter


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