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"I am deeply in love with the combination of adventurous trips, photography and meeting different people. All of that is combined in my work as couple and wedding photographer. I love to explore new places nearby or far away all over the planet. No matter if winter or summer, mountains or beaches, deserts or forests, telling stories of different couples in beautiful surroundings through my lens is what makes me happy!"
Snowdays are always fun days! And of course the day with Rose and Chris in the snow was definitely an adventure. The day before it rained cats and dogs so the paths where totally frozen and it was very tricky to go from one spot to another. So laughter was inevitable!! You think that was difficult enough? Not even close! As we started shooting it rained again and after one hour we were completely wet and frozen. So this was absolutely an adventurous trip with lots of love and laughter!

Pictures by Laura Seitz

Instagram & Website

Location: Taunus, Germany

Gear: Sony A7III, Sigma Art 35 mm


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