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"Light and colours are my storytellers. People are the soul of that stories. For me, photography is more than taking a good shot. Photography is opening your mind, making new friends, discovering great stories from the people you are photographing, going to amazing locations... I consider myself really lucky to work with people this way. It is incredible how much we can learn from others just photographing them."

I love Cantabria. This region, located in the North of Spain, is full of green, nature, beautiful hills and amazing sunsets. I was amazed to shoot this couple in this special place for them, called “La Ballena”, a rocky hill that looks like a whale. From the beginning, I could feel the connection between them and the enviroment. They felt at home, so it was really easy to capture these beautiful moments. Cantabria is usually cloudy, but fortunately for this photoshoot, the sky opened for us in the perfect moment, so I couldn’t be happier and more proud of this pictures.

Pictures by Israel González de la Arena

Instagram & Website 

Location: Cantabria, Spain

Gear: Sony A7 III – Sony Zeiss 55 1.8

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