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"I love photography because it allows me to freeze time, capture memories, be creative and help people feel like their best selves."

This was my first time in Utah. Everywhere I looked, my jaw was on the floor. From the snow-capped mountains to the Salt Flats to Antelope Island and Tunnel Springs, everything seemed like it was from another world. I couldn’t wait to explore further. New environments are where I feel most creative. Add to that an adorable couple who gets involved with all my crazy ideas, and I’m at my best. My couple listened like a sponge to all my instructions and they were able to let go, be free and try things they had never tried before. The thing I’m most proud of is that Jaiden and Landon tackled every creative shot I suggested because they trusted me. They trusted my experience as a photographer and coach (I used to be a gymnastics and all-star cheerleading coach), and so we were able to get some unique shots. I love this couple and love what I do with every fiber of my being.

Pictures by Kristy Tasca Photography

Location: Utah, Salt Lake City

Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV; Sigma 35mm; Canon 100mm

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