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"I value experiences more than things, so I love couples who want to tell their story in their own way. My absolute passion is photographing couples in nature, where they can feel the deep connection with each other while surrounded by beautiful scenery. I also love to help couples find a unique place for their engagement in Europe."

The Netherlands is an LGBTQ+ friendly country where every couple can feel safe while celebrating their love. This is especially important on your wedding day so you can fully express yourself. You can get married in the tulip fields of the Netherlands, say your vows at sunset, and tour the historic windmills in the area! You can even take the train to Amsterdam, walk the cobblestone streets, and hop on a boat for a unique view from Amsterdam’s old canals. An elopement in the Netherlands is ideal for couples looking for something out of the ordinary. Combine it with your honeymoon in Europe and visit all the flower fields and authentic old towns.

Pictures by Amber Spits Photography

Location: The Netherlands

Gear: Nikon D780, Nikkor 50mm, 70-200mm

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