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"I love photography because each love is unique and with photography we can capture it the way it is. We can also spread that love, emotions and those feeling out into the world! Sending a message to all those people outside and showing the love in every moment. Taking pictures shows me every time, that love exists and that there is no place for any kind of hate in the world, because love is all we need."

I was falling in love with a wedding dress a few weeks ago. I really wanted that dress for a boho themed styled shoot, but it was just too expensive (about 2000€). So I decided to make it on my own, which I did! And I am in love with the colors orange and brown, so I was looking for a place that fits to the details of the two outfits. The couple are good friends of mine, who supported me from day one as a photographer. So it was clear I would ask them for this shooting. At first we had the idea to go to the mountains, but it was raining. Both of them are living close to these gravel quarries, so we shouted there  – and the result was fantastic. It was the perfect mood and these two are just too cute! Shooting with them is just so harmonic. It is incredible how many feelings you can catch when they’re just look in each others eyes!

Pictures by Laura Patricia Most

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Gear: Canon EOS 5d Mark IV + Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

Location: Erding (in a gravel quarry near Tittenkofen)

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