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"Photography immortalizes how a certain chapter of life has felt, it supports our brain to reflect on how we act as a human being. and thats freaking cool."

Coty and Rodrigo are an outstandingly talented couple. Their creative, peaceful and euphoric vibe caught us immediately. Our vision was to capture an activity, they do as a couple, which defines their relationship best. Together they spend most of their days heading out early to a secluded beach, surfing till noon. We met them at a tiny taco restaurant and followed them to their favorite surfing bay, it was an absolute dream. We started at 11am to shoot, the time was limited, as they had an appointment right after it. The sun stood high, the light was harsh, and as most photographers we were in panic. The pressure was high like never before! And guess what? We were in shock as we realized, these pictures turned out to be some of our best work yet. It was hard to choose, a small selection and we are proud to say, we LOVE every single shot. We hope you can feel the love and their unique spirit through our pictures.

Pictures by Sam And Larissa

Location: Mexico, Baja California Sur

Gear: Canon EOS 6D Mark II, Sigma 24-70mm, Fuji X-T3, 24mm

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