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"I get to stop time for people. I get to catch and preserve these moments in someone's life, that will never repeat themselves exactly the same way again, and I love that. And you don't need to wait for anything special to happen in your life. Being alive and being in love is worth celebrating and capturing. I'm honoured that I get to capture and share the diversity of love that exists."

I knew these two would absolutely bring it, so I was very excited to find an unusual spot for them. Both of them were slightly nervous because they weren’t used to being in front of a camera together, but I love the challenge of getting couples to open up and feel comfortable in front of me and the lens. We headed to the top floor of this parking garage that nobody goes to, had some prosecco in paper cups and started shooting. After the initial getting used to being photographed, they were so at ease and I never wanted to stop photographing them. It felt so natural and beautiful to capture their obvious love for each other. We ended up spending the whole evening together, hanging out and taking photos. At the end we headed to the runway of an abandoned airport, where we caught the last light of day and got caught in the pouring summer rain. It was a perfect end to an amazing shoot.

Pictures by Julia Liebisch

Instagram  & Website

Location: Berlin, Germany

Gear: Canon 5D Mark II and Sigma Art 35mm

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