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"I love capturing emotions and moments that otherwise would be gone. What I really love is that photography taught me how to see."

When I studied in Valencia a few years ago I had a favorite restaurant where they serve the best chocolate brownie I have ever tried, so I HAD to go back there last week when I spent a few days in the city. I even remembered the waiter and we started talking about skiing, photography, etc. He had all these tattoos and I knew I wanted to shoot him. So I asked him if he has a girlfriend and when he showed me a picture my photographer heart was super excited to see that she was also covered in tattoos. I told him that I only have one evening left, but that I’d love to do a little shoot with them. So the next day we met, walked around the streets of Valencia and ended the evening on the rooftop of the airbnb I stayed at.

Pictures by Barbara Schmid

Instagram & Website

Gear: Nikon D750, Sigma 35 art, Nikon 24mm

Location: Valencia


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