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"When traveling to a new place, is always a good idea to have some professional pictures taken! First of all, you can definitely enjoy the time spent with your beloved one without worrying about tripods and other not-so-fun stuff. Second, you'll bring home some real memories to hang up on walls and cherish forever. Time, trips and memories are the most valuable things we have, and we should definitely learn to appreciate them!"
Venice has always had a special place in my heart. I always feel like in a dream when I go there, and this time with Michelle and Giancarlo has literally been magical. We wandered around, getting lost in the small cobblestone alleys and narrow canals, stopping here and there under amazing arches or at the end of dark tunnels. This city offers so many scenic places, you can always find new ones to use as a frame for your pictures. And just as in a fairytale, we also enjoyed the best Gondola ride ever under the warm summer sun. Giancarlo and Michelle’s pure and sincere love made so easy to come back home with one of my favorite couple sessions ever.

Pictures by Silvia Poropat

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Gear: Sony A7iii & Tamron 28-75mm & Sony 85mm

Location: Venice, Italy


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