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"We all have a story to tell. I love to hear what drives people forward, how they connect with life and each other. With my photography I love to capture and tell their unique story."

The idea behind this shoot was to tell a little story. The old streets of Vienna fascinate me very much and give me a nostalgic and romantic feeling. I wanted to capture that. Simple, non-hectic walks through the narrow streets, two lovers enjoying life. To really bring this idea to life, I had to find a couple that would have fun in front of the camera so they could show themselves as authentically as possible. It’s certainly not easy to find the right couple when you move to a new city. Luckily, Ayu and Sam were excited to shoot with me and I couldn’t have imagined a better couple. Lighthearted, easy-going, and overly in love with each other and life itself. This photo series makes me especially proud because my ideas and visions, which were just based on a feeling that inspired me, came to life exactly as I imagined. Photography somehow makes your inner self visible to everyone.

Pictures by Hey Vanne Photographs

Location: Austria, Vienna

Gear: Sony A7III, Sony 35mm

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Love Stories

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