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"What really drew me to photography is the idea of freezing a moment or chapter in a persons life and to having the ability to take that small piece and give that gift to them. That's what I find most fulfilling. I think this session in particular really epitomized that for me. Being able to witness your subjects explore a new place for the first time is always fun, but there's something uniquely special about being able to capture souls in a place where they already share so many memories together and that means so much to them."

Erin contacted me about wanting a family photo session with her husband Steven and their baby at a waterfall I had never even heard of before. She was specific on the location though, because although her family lives in South Carolina now, she grew up in Chattanooga and this park held a special place in her heart since she had been there so many times as a child. I loved that she had suggested it though, since it was absolutely breathtaking! Indy is also her and Steven’s rainbow baby, and she wanted this session to not only serve as a family portrait session, but also to honor all they had been through together up to this point, and this season of life that they as a family are in now.

Pictures by Tori Lynne Photography

Location: Tennessee

Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV; 50mm, 35mm

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