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"Photography is my passion, the love of my life!"

We made this trip as something between work and vacation with friends, coming together from 3 different points on the map: Asturias, Paris and Tenerife. The idea of taking a road trip to the Dolomites seemed exciting, but it turned out to be even more awesome than we imagined and we all felt like a kid on Christmas Eve. We met in a small town called Bolzano and decided to drive from there to the heart of the Dolomites, to one of their most famous peaks: the Giau Pass. We were on the road at the end of October and expected an autumnal the landscape with brown and orange tones. But as can be easily seen in the pictures, we found white instead, white and more white.The emotions in this moment were special, and we were more than motivated to do this intimate shoot in the middle of the snow. Thank you that life gave us these moments and we were able to capture them.

Pictures by Begography

Location: Italy, Dolomites

Gear: Canon Eos R; Canon 35mm

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