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"We love photography for ability to see different people, different but genuine love, traveling. People inspire us."

We’re less about frills, perfection, or about the way people should look or act. We’re about how that love actually feels. The real stuff, the in-betweens. Our main goal in photography is to capture raw emotions, youth and wild love. We might forget things with time, but photos will last forever. When we grow old, photos remind us of how we once looked. When times get tough, photos let us re-live those times when life was much easier and full of hopes and dreams. When we lose our loved ones, photos are the only thing that lives on and allows us to immerse in the memories. Photos are timeless. Photos are sacred.

Pictures by Stas and Vera Pohaichuk

Instagram  & Website

Location: Malibu, California

Gear: Nikon D610 + Sigma 35 1.4 Art

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