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"I've always been a jack of all trades and tried a lot of things which is cool but I have never been really good at something. And I mean really damn good. That kind of changed when I got into photography. From day one I was super passionate about it and tried to learn as much as possible and get better with every photo I take. Priorities changed and photography became my number one thing and almost everything else didn't matter that much anymore. I soon realized that I want to shoot couples and weddings because I am obsessed with love. There is something special about capturing the deep and emotional connection between two people that I can't compare to anything else I did before. It's like I do it more for me than for the couple and I mean that in the most positive way because this is how I get the best photos possible."

It was a hot and sunny day so there’s nothing better to do than go to a lonely lake with your love at sunset, listen to some folk rock, get into the water and get close – real close. That’s the kind of mood we wanted and we got it all. Even though these lovebirds are together for a long time I could feel their deep connection and that they share a beautiful love story. They forgot everything around them and were into that moment – only the two of them – skin on skin.

Pictures by Alexander König

Website & Instagram

Gear: Fujifilm XH-1 Fujinon 23 mm 1.4

Location: Dresden, Germany

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