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"It might sound so basic and somehow cheesy, but I love photography for that it allows me to travel and meet awesome people, discover new places with them even if I am walking them around in a place I already visited previously. Yes, because while trying to find the best lights and backgrounds for their photos, I get to discover also new corners and views... At the same time it is also my occasion to walk around with people showing them some hidden gems of a city I already know and they might not find otherwise. It is a game of travel, of discovery and of chasing light."
Early mornings in Venice always have a mysterious and beautiful feeling. No-one is around yet, you have the city for yourself (almost: because all the landscape photographers are crowded near piazza San Marco to catch the sunrise). Then, just a couple hours later, you can see and feel the streets getting more and more crowded, filled with people. You might have thought that during the current COVID-19 pandemic, the city would have been empty. I thought so. Well, boy was I wrong! Luckily for us, Pauli and Simon are two young souls who love to wake up really early to live and experience the city in the calmest way possible. In fact, they arrived to Piazza San Marco a bit before me (even if our appointment was at 6:20am), to capture some photos for their Instagram. They were on their “2020 Broke Trip” in which basically they had a budget of 350€/person for 2 weeks and a lot of beautiful cities on their plan!

Pictures by Rita Foldi

Instagram & Website 

Location: Venice, Italy

Preset: Beloved Classic Preset

Gear: Nikon D810; 35mm, 50mm and 85mm f1.8


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