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"I love to photograph love stories because observation of human relationships is my favourite thing to do. I also love showing people by pictures - how much beauty I see in them. Moreover, as an introvert, photography is a way to boost your self-confidence!"

We traveled to Czech Republic together with our friends Klaudia and Gracjan. Moravia is famous for its tasty wine and views like the ones you get in Tuscany! From the early morning we enjoyed local vineyards and were trying that great Czech wine. And with dizzy heads we jumped into nearby field with the camera. Seven minutes of sunset dances in the middle of the field, joy, warmth and their authentic love. Their natural joy of life is something magical and they are such an inspiring couple. We love that analog vibe with our whole hearts!

Pictures by Marta Bąk and Adrian Pytlik

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Location: Moravia, Czech Republic

Gear: Canon 5d mark IV + Sigma Art f/1.4 35mm and DJI Mavic Pro

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