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"Photography is my second language. Photography is art. Observation is an elemantary poetic process. Contemporary witness. The moment is given duration. And that is exactly why photography is so important for me, for us, for future generations, for our memories. Bewitched and touched. One hand on the shutter release and the other reaching for the stars. Everyone has a unique view of the world. And that's how I can show mine. Express myself. Synthesis of mind and aesthetics. Framed beauty in everyday chaos."

I discovered this location during another shoot and immediately fell in love. It was clear that I would definitely like to shoot here again. I wanted to represent a special mood. Rather dark, grainy and in motion. The couple is “on the run”. They are looking for a place for themselves. They want to be alone up there. Just the two of them. Free and freshly in love. They dance, they film themselves, they take selfies, they fight and tease each other. And I’m only there to watch and capture this special beauty of being in love. Nothing more and nothing less.

Pictures by Natalie Stanczak

Instagram & Website

Location: Augsburg, Germany

Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mark iv; 35mm, 1:1,4

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