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"Simple. Photography allowed me to open up to the world and experience life while taking photos like never before. Becoming a photographer was never meant to be a creative expression for me, but rather a reality I wanted to live, document, and make a story out of. Now here I am, doing exactly what I always wanted to do."
I wanted to photograph McKella and Jaxon before they both left for college. The start of a long distance relationship is never easy, but with it being less than a month before they would leave I knew they would appreciate taking photos together in downtown Minneapolis. This was their first time taking professional photos together and I wanted to create a comfortable environment, as if they were strolling through the park like always and letting them interact with each other as much as possible. These two were so down-to-earth and 100% authentically themselves! Half the time I caught them doing their own thing, which made the shots even more genuine. 

Pictures by Ivy Christina Photography

Location: Minnesota, Minneapolis

Gear: Canon EOS Mark IV; Sigma 35mm

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