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"I love photography because it sets my soul on fire. I makes me feel alive and connected to the people. It’s my source of inspiration - it’s everything to me."

The coastline of the Netherlands feels like my second home. The beautiful beach clubs are all part of the vibe. This special vibe paired with the sweet love of Yara and Robert created a very special couple session for me. We enjoyed the sunny morning at the beach house with drinks, lots of mediterranean foilage and a laid-back vibe. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to capture their story with little moments full of cozy snuggles and deep laughing. Such a relaxed and peaceful morning. This literally calls for a repeat!

Pictures by Vanessa Toth

Instagram & Website

Location: Zandvoort

Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV & Sigma 35 mm

This Magic Happened Thanks to:
Yara Mairin
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