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"I love my job because it's challenging me. It's challenging me to see things differently and it's keeping me excited to always keep learning. The idea of discovering new places, new angles and new ways to see things - it's just the best thing ever."

The idea was to have a chill afternoon stroll around the amusement park and take some pictures. I don’t know about you guys but the weather in Austria is a total disaster this year. It’s raining literally every single day! On that day it kept raining on and off so it didn’t go quite as planned but hey, isn’t that the beautiful thing about photography? Creating something out of a mess and just embracing the situation and go for it. I think that makes up for the most amazing pictures. That’s exactly the messy, the nitty gritty, the imperfect I want to capture. So what seemed like a total mess, was in the end a fun afternoon, enjoying some cotton candy and getting completely SOAKED. But that is exactly when you feel the most alive.

Pictures by Rebecca Dimény

Instagram & Website

Location: Vienna Prater

Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV, Sigma art 50 mm 1.5 & 35 mm 1.4

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