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"And as the memories fade away, the photos are there, telling your story, over and over again, bringing you back in exactly the place, to exactly the laugh and making it all so tangible. "
Like Runa said – the weather is like our relationship, “Stormy and wild”. These two are so nordic – cool & kind people. As we have many rainy days in Germany, we decided to shoot at a place, where we had neutral colors and nature around us and enough light and maybe the luck to see the sundown. As soon as we met and started to shoot, it began to rain. But not only a little, it rained and rained and rained. But we had so much fun and enjoyed it to the fullest, also we got soaked through the bones when we finished the shoot. Right before we finished we had the luck to see the sundown with magic light – best way to end a rainy beach session!

Pictures by Lina Thomsen

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Gear: Canon 5D MK IIII Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

Location: Sankt-Peter-Ording

Presets: Julia & Gil Portrait Collection

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