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"I love photography because of what I can rekindle through photographs. A love that might be unsaid or untold can be revieled through a photograph is so amazing to me. Whether you have been dating for 2 days of 2 years; a photo sometimes can say so much more than words ever could and I love that aspect of it. "
Every once in a while I will do a shoot and when going back through them I will say, “so this is love?” We as photographers we want to create something you can feel and with these photos its almost like you can bundle up their love for eachother and put it in your pocket. Its love you can feel through a photo and isn’t that what we strive for? Nicole and Trey mesh so well together and I was so excited to get to shoot them both. This shoot was so fun to do with the record player and the cozy atmosphere; it was just a dream. The playfulness, the being in love and finding yourself falling in love again and again was the vision. When you work with two people who are madly in love with eachother there is no telling what will come out of the shoot. I want them to look back on these photos and think to themselves, “so thats what falling in love looks like.” That is and will always be. The goal.

Pictures by Stephanie Marie Johnson

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Gear: Canon Mark IV Sigma 35mm 1.4

Location: AltaVista, Virginia

This Magic Happened Thanks to:
Event Planner
Alex Mari
Locks and Lashes, VA
Vessel and Stem
The Stylist Abroad
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