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"Photography is a way to capture people in all seasons of life - seasons of growth, sadness, joy, excitement, and change. No matter what season of life that may be, there is something in that season worth celebrating. It's so cool to me that I have this gift and privilege of celebrating people and capturing the essence of who they are and the emotions they are feeling in a single instance in time. It's like making time stand still and giving them a chance to relive that season of life forever."
I’ve been planning this shoot with Alley and Gaughf for over a year now. We just couldn’t get our schedules lined up last summer and when we finally were able to get a date down, Hurrican Michael ripped through the Florida Panhandle and South West Georgia. It was a shoot that was well worth the wait. The flint River starts as a little stream in Atlanta and runs to the coast. It widens down in a little Georgia river city called Bainbridge. This is a place that is especially special to me because I’ve been coming here to ski and wakesurf since I can remember. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy the river life, this is an oasis escape from life for the weekends in the summer – a place that is thriving with families, laughter, and a whole lot of love. Alley and Gaughf met in college at Valdosta State University. Alley and I have been friends since elementary school. She dated a few guys here and there throughout high school, but from the moment I first met Gaughf, I knew he’d be here for a while. They have a relationship that is committed to each other.

Pictures by Sydney Roberson

Website & Instagram

Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV & Canon 35mm ii 1.4

Location: Flint River Bainbridge, GA

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