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"I owned my passion for photography from my grandfather and father. After some time with my camera I had a completely different way to look at the world. I recognize things other may never see. That´s why I want to tell stories with my camera and create something unique and beautiful. I truly care about the people I photograph and I treat them the way I would want to be treated. Photography isn´t only a job it´s my passion and I really really love it."
Magical light combined with the rawness of Scotland. All I want to say is WOW. A dream came true to shoot in the Highlands. We (me and 12 other photographers) learned so much from each other and our couple ‘The Martins Photography” did such a great job. The weather was rainy and cold. Exactly the conditions we wished for! Christine and Gareth were so in love and they showed us so much emotions and their real love for each other. They´ve been married now for a few years and during this project they wrote new lovely marriage vows. I´m so in love with their deep connection and they are such a great couple!
The atmosphere in the Highlands is absolutely stunning. Magical light combined with the rawness of the landscape.  I will definitely come back again. This Retreat was a perfect way to start completely motivated and inspired in a new wedding season!

Pictures by Kathrina Schweiger

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Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV + Sigma 35mm Art

Location: Glen Coe, Scottish Highlands

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