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"I lovey photography for every single encounter with people it brings me."
Covid weddings and elopements have been a thing during the pandemic of 2020. Most couples have been forced to drastically change their plans, and reduced their big weddings of more than 100 guests, to a maximum of 2 o 3 witnesses. Ira & Pavlo decided to go through with it. Because December 30th is a date that means a lot for them: That’s when they met, when Ira moved to the Netherlands to be with Pavlo, and the day they would declare their love and fidelity to each other for a lifetime. So they made it happen, in their own beautiful way. The day didn’t even go as planned: delays in the transportation, rain that wasn’t forecasted, way too much cold and wind… But despite all that, we managed to work it out, to catch a ray of sun that peaked through the clouds for a couple of minutes, we took the chance of the rain to shoot inside of the car to get some cozy shots, and we capture what mattered the most: their genuine and unstoppable love.

Pictures by Celia Almaraz

Instagram & Website 

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Gear: Canon R Canon 50mm 1.2


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