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"God, I love my job. All the memories my clients share with me, are precious moments, little snippets of their lives that I get to be a part of. Me. Little ole me, just a photographer trying to capture humanity in colorful warm memories. What did I do to deserve these memories and to be the one to paint them for eternity? I especially love taking photos of people and things that make people happy. A paused moment in time."
Aysia was gonna elope in Vegas, we had it all planned out to go Neon graveyard, take some rad photos with her honey, enjoy the strip. But Covid had different plans for her due to the rise in cases in Nevada. Aysia got worried and decided to just marry her honey in historic Tucson with their closest friends and family. Originally, she wasn’t going to have a photographer, we gave all her friends and family instant camera, so they could capture the evening in their perspectives. But Aysia is a dear friend of mine, so I offered my services to photograph their wedding. and it was the sweetest night. If you want to get married, just do it already. I was hesitant to make this sign and ask them to hold it for some photos because it’s not your typical wedding prop but I’m so glad I did. Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut and create art that just feels right. This felt right as f*ck. They loved it and it felt right for them too. 

Pictures by Brianna Gomez 

Instagram & Website 

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Gear: Sony A7iii, 35mm


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