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"We love capturing feelings and giving a unique perspective!"
We always wanted to do a photoshoot with these cute happy fellas! We should all be like Alpacas, just smile and chill. And that’s exactly what we did, just having fun while taking some photos. We headed out on a warm afternoon and arrived at the farm during golden hour – perfect timing. The owner of the farm told us the backstory: The Alpacas are incorporated in a special kind of therapy helping with anxiety or autism. We were told how to treat them, if and where we can touch them and a little bit about the nature of this cuties. The alpacas seemed to be a bit shy at first. After grabbing some strawberry leaves they sprinted towards us and we enjoyed their company. To round up the day, we had a bonfire and chilled out with the couple. That’s probably one of our favorite parts: Not only taking pictures of couples in love but also spending time with amazing people.

Pictures by Enframe Eternity

Location:  Germany, Bielefeld

Gear: Sony A7 III, Tamron 28-75mm 2.8, Sony 35mm 1.8

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