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"I love photography because freezing a moment, an emotion, a thought, a feeling in time is what drives me and makes me wanting to take my pictures and the moments I capture as genuine as possible. Being able to do that, and being able to give that to someone else so they have that moment of their lives frozen forever, is what makes me love photography and what makes me want to strive to be better and better at what I do."
Nico and Maria wanted something different and special for their engagement shoot, something that spoke about them and something that captured their youth and passion for life, so that years from now they could look back on these pictures and remember who they were and how much love they had for each other. So one day we got up at 5am and drove to the coast of Castellon to capture their love for surf and adventure, and of course their love for each other.

Pictures by Momentos De Una Vida

Location: Spain, Castellón

Gear: Canon EOS 5d Mark iv, Sigma 35mm 1.4, Sigma 24mm 1.4

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Love Stories

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