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"Photography is giving me a taste of eternity. Being able to capture a glimpse in time and make it last forever is something magical and beautiful, which I’m very thankful for. And it is such a rewarding thing to do. I get to know so many wonderful people, I get to share touching stories and I can create unforgettable memories. I love almost every second of my job!"
When I came across this place in Berlin, I fell in love with it  immediately. The crumbling houses and the alternative charme of the backyards are so special to me. I knew I had to do a photo session there and Hülya & Emre were the perfect match! Their dark and alternative style fit this unusual location so well and their deep connection and love for each other made the session very intimate. It was just beautiful.

Pictures by Stefanie Kaspari 

Instagram & Website

Location: Berlin, Germany 

Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mk III, Sigma Art 35mm

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