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"One thing that I love about photographing couples is when you look at the pictures, you see that it is not only about how beautiful the picture is, but you can also feel how much the couples are in love. Connecting visuals with feelings is for me the most beautiful way to express my art."
Arielle wanted to surprise Sebastien for his birthday with a photoshoot at the coolest eco tent site. The vibe there was special, the tent was by the river and totally disconnected. The shoot in itself was full of these raw, giggling moments between the two of them. It felt like it was their day, their love, their story, and nothing else mattered. They were themselves and they allowed me to document the intimacy and the unconditional love between them.

Pictures by Cedric D. Vincent

Instagram & Website

Location: Mauritius

Gear: Nikon D610 / Tamron 24-70mm 2.8


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