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"When a couple invests not only their time, but are willing to open up and share intimate details about their personal lives with you, it is a strong indicator that they are invested in you and your work."

You have got your website up and running, but you notice that the majority of the inquiries that you are getting are not from your ideal clients – what could be missing? Afterall, you have carefully selected your website theme, worked day and night on the visual aspect of your brand, curated your favorite images etc… but you are not seeing the results that you desire. How are you able to better filter out potential clients that are not a good fit?

— Photo by David Kirscher
Facebook Ads for Wedding Photographers
Facebook Ads for Wedding Photographers

Here are three aspects of your website that you can work on to help you whisper to the people that you want to contact you, and avoid shouting to the masses:


Double-down on copywriting

The text on your website serves not only to provide information, but also to do it in a way that speaks to the right people and repel the rest. This is your opportunity to articulate
your brand voice that resonates with your ideal client. It is more about your choice of words and tone of your writing, therefore, give due thought to how your ideal client speaks in order to create a connection. Are there any specific colloquialisms to be aware of? Tapping into particular speech patterns/phrases used by your ideal client can make your content feel more authentic and tailored. Consider these points when formulating your tagline, descriptions, offers etc…

Let your personality shine through

This advice is applicable if you are introverted, extroverted or like many people, ambiverted. If you are an open, fun-loving person that loves to share personal information, and the audience that you are targeting appreciates that, don’t be afraid to integrate it into your web presence. If you are more reserved and prefer to keep things more private and to a minimum, you can also show that in the way that you represent yourself. In order to book the best fitting clients, it is important to let them know who you are and what you are about (at the level that you are comfortable with sharing.)

Ideas on how to share more:

  1. Expand your About Me section with more info, photos and videos.
  2. Add a Journal section where you share your thoughts, personal projects etc…
  3. Include a Travel section in order to share your adventures, on and off the job!


Pimp your contact form

This is a less known gem of how to get the right clients in your inbox. A diamond in the rough, if you will. Sure, the contact form is a perfect way for people to get in touch and provide you with standard information. At the same time, it is an amazing tool in the selective process of getting closer to working with your ideal client. Integrating additional questions in the form to find out more about the couple, like having them describe their dream wedding and share more about themselves provides you with valuable insights about them. Additonally, when a couple invests not only their time, but are willing to open up and share intimate details about their personal lives with you, it is a strong indicator that they are invested in you and your work. This is also clearly a differentiating factor to your average price-shopper.


Alright, now it’s time to review your website and figure out which aspects need to be updated to better attract your ideal client. And remember to keep tweaking it as needed.


Phil Chester & Photographic Style


Facebook Ads for Wedding Photographers

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