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"We burned a lot of money on Facebook at the beginning!"

If you want to be visible to your target group quickly, you can’t avoid paid advertising. Currently, Facebook is one of the fastest advertising channels – and it is cheap if you pay attention to a few factors. Today in this article we show you what works, what doesn’t and how Facebook advertising can quickly get you visible.

— Photo by David Kirscher
Attract Your Ideal Client by Upleveling Your Website
Attract Your Ideal Client by Upleveling Your Website

Facebook Ads: the no-go’s

“We burned a lot of money on Facebook at the beginning,” say Julia and Gil, wedding photographers from Leipzig, Germany. Running campaigns in order to get more Likes for your page or post is no good at all. Nobody responds to ads that ask for immediate booking. Addressing a cold target group directly is not promising. After all, people don’t know you and therefore don’t trust you.


The customer’s journey

It is therefore advisable to always think from the customer’s point of view. “We have to gain trust in order to arouse interest,” says Gil. So, the better alternative is to deliver your knowledge as a wedding photographer in the form of podcasts, videos or blog articles and display it as advertising to couples. ” This is how couples get to know us and look around on our homepage,” says the photographer couple. The ideal situation would be if the traffic you bought becomes the traffic you own, for example by people signing up to your newsletter or subscribing to your podcast. Then you can address these people again and again without incurring additional costs.


The target group

An important feature on Facebook compared to Google is the ability to select exactly who we want to address. This could be fiancées in the region or people who have certain interests or reached a certain age. In short: Here you can choose your specialty. Make sure the target group doesn’t get too big: The more precisely you address your customers, the more efficient the advertising will be. And then there are people who already know you because they have liked your site, for example. Wedding videographer and online marketing expert Andreas Schwarzlmüller highlights that the choice of target group is essential. “If someone has already clicked on an article on our website and is familiar with it, they need to receive another advertisement that may offer the services in question.”


Facebook advertising: How it is launched

When placing ads, stay away from the blue “Apply” button and go to the Facebook Business Manager. You can reach it at Here you can create campaigns via the green button. First you will be asked for a campaign goal. Here you set what you want to achieve. As a rule, “traffic” is best suited. In the next step you will go to the ad set, here you specify who sees the ad, what it may cost and where it will be shown. In the last step you create the ad yourself.


Ideal ads

The ideal ad form is a video or a slideshow to show pictures and yourself. If you introduce yourself in a video or talk about a topic, you can of course expect more trust than if you only show pictures from your portfolio. Basically, most people don’t want to leave Facebook or Instagram, a point that also speaks for videos. But even a long text is an alternative. Here you should only pay attention to an emotional writing style. If you promote blog postings, you should come up with a strong headline. 


The evaluation

It is of fundamental importance to permanently check the success of an advertisement. This is very easy to do in the ad manager. Facebook even invented a value of its own, the relevance score. That’s a scale from one to ten: If you have a value below three, you should quickly re-position the ad and change it, as the target group is obviously not interested in it. Facebook will also make the ad more expensive. If, on the other hand, you have a score of eight or even better, the ad works very well. Now all you must do is look to see if the desired goal has been achieved. How long will your video be watched? How many people sign up for your newsletter?



The photographers we talked to used Facebook advertising very successfully and won many customers over it. The only thing that is obviously important is to think about a sensible procedure and pick up customers where they are. This is how advertising becomes a success.



  • Correct target: think first: What should the ad do? Good goals are newsletter subscriptions, blog readers, podcast listeners.
  • Right target group: Bridal couples can be addressed well on Facebook. Interest: Engaged
  • Targeting / Retargeting: Do we want to address people for the first time or again? The latter means different ads!
  • Good ads: A high-contrast image, a nice text, a headline that animates an action. Videos are the secret stars. Good ads don’t look like advertising.
  • Correct evaluation: Just look? Preferably not. Use Facebook’s ad manager for detailed statistics and key figures.

Attract Your Ideal Client by Upleveling Your Website


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