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"I do not only love to capture moments, but also to preserve moods. Photography is my personal way to escape from everyday life, get to know new people and let my creativity wander. Photography simply makes me happy!"

It was a hot day in August and we planned to meet friends at the beach.We wanted to stay there until late at night. Friends who normally live abroad also came by, as they were in Germany at the time. So I asked them two days before if they would like to do a little shooting. And of course they were in! So we waited until the light was perfect and had so much fun during the shooting. The two are so cute together that I just couldn’t take any bad pictures. We finished the shooting with a jump into the not really cold Baltic Sea, had a barbecue and watched the starry sky while the waves gently broke on the shore. It was a perfect day. I love these pictures because everything was just right. I was able to shoot exactly the way I always wanted to and my expectations were more than exceeded. I now know that I want more of this, I want more adventurous couples, more emotions, more movement and simply to do what I think is right, even if the picture is not crisp and sharp, but it does convey a much better mood.

Pictures by Lena Steinke

Instagram  & Website

Location: Travemünde Beach, Germany

Gear: Sony A7 Mark III & Sigma 35mm F1,4 DG HSM Art

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