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Best Of August '20
Wild Island Lovers by Junala
"It makes me so happy to create memories and capture them!"

I met Maren and Peter while I was visiting a friend on Föhr Island. I always wanted to shoot an old crazy in love couple. these two were a perfect match for my dream shoot. They will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary this year and have been a couple for even longer. They were so playful and in love and did things in front of my camera I sometimes have to suggest to my younger couples. You really can feel their love and happiness with each other and “their island”. We got up for sunrise and went on a bicycle trip while taking photos. What a perfect morning!

Pictures by Laura Hoffmann

Instagram  & Website

Location: Föhr Island, Germany

Gear: Canon 5D M3 , Sigma 50 mm, Sigma 35 mm

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