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"Photography is my best form of self-expression. I love photography because I can catch the feelings, love stories and all connections of special couples and create and capture that memories forever."
After I knew that Anna and Leo would be on the island of Kos at the same time, it was clear to me that we would have a very special shooting together. The beach of Kos was completely empty at the sunset, not a soul and the moment was so perfect. The sound of the sea awakens an unbelievable longing in me every time. We had a lot of fun, the two of them let themselves drift completely and lost themselves in their own world. The pleasant water temperature was also perfect for a shooting and invited to stay in the water. The last rays of the sun put a wonderful shimmer of color on the entire beach landscape. I always fondly remember this particular shooting.

Pictures by Julia Nutz

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Location: Kos, Greece 

Gear: Sony Alpha 7 III, 35 mm F1.4

Preset: Beloved Stories Earthy Collection 

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