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"I love photography, because I can express myself with that. I can show others how I see the world. I can make people happy with my pictures. I can capture moments that will never come back and leave traces of me and others. For me, photography is everything. I've met so many great people & friends through photography. Therefore, I could not imagine a life without pictures. I am happy that the photography has found me."
White sand. Crystal blue water. Palm trees and coconuts. But my 2-month journey through Asia slowly comes to an end. The Gili Islands are the perfect location for my last two days. No scooters, no cars, just horses. No industry noise, just idyllic. Many couples come here for the beautiful beaches. Love in the air. I saw Charlin and Benji at the beach at lunchtime. Unfortunately they still had to grab their stuff, checkout and catch the very all within two hours. And I had no camera yet. But we were convinced already: „We would love to shoot!“ So there was nothing to stand in our way. I quickly went back to my hotel room on a bike – the only way of transportation except from horses here – and got my camera. Let’s go! From the moment we started shooting, I knew it was gonna be something special. Their love for one another is so evident in their laughter and the way they look at each other. How they see each other. They were constantly laughing, snuggling and just being cute. We had so much fun running around the beach. I hope you enjoy their love in those pictures as much as I do.

Pictures by Julia Poleske

Instagram & Website

Location: Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

Gear: Nikon D750 35mm 1.8

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