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This is new! Every month we select the best ten inspiration posts that you guys have submitted to us. The following blogposts are our top ten of November '19. You want to be part of next month selection? Ok cool! Just submit your best couple or wedding photos. Please just read our submission guidelines before submitting.
Andalusian lovers above the rooftops of Spain by Johanna Krause
There was no other idea behind this shoot than behind any other, it just happened that this one became so special. I had always been open about working with a homosexual couple, but somehow the opportunity never presented itself.
Best Of November '19
Love Storm by Miranville
The idea of ​​this shooting came to me by observing this couple. They were so loving, so passionate, and so accomplice! Their eyes were intense and they made me want to share a bit of that spark between them..
Best Of November '19
Love Session in the Swiss Alps by André Schmid
Sina & Marco booked me for a couple shoot. They told me that they really love the mountains. So I was looking for a very special place..
Best Of November '19
Black Forest – Summer Vibe by Tobias Tumac
It is a great pleasure to enjoy the moments of Paula & Daniel because they are full of Life, Laugh and most important, full of each others love..
Best Of November '19
Once upon a time in Marrakech by Dennis Nutz
Eight photographers from Germany, Austria and Swiss were in Marrakech together. We had a lot of fun shooting, talking and having fun together. A really nice time!
Best Of November '19
Shipwreck Cornwall by Enchanted Brides & For The Wild At Heart
We are most happy that we managed to actually get the couple, who had travelled all the way from America to Cornwall down a very steep wet slippery cliff to the shipwreck and avoid getting tetnus from all the rusty metal being barefoot..
Best Of November '19
Intense Latin Mass Ceremony by Dan Jenson Photography
I don´t capture a lot of church weddings and I never liked them much. But this one was a totaly different experience and probably one of the most interesting and unique couples I´ve ever met...
Best Of November '19
Summer lovers by Fran Gribodo
The couple wanted take some pictures at the beach. This place has a special place in their hearts!
Best Of November '19
Wild Heart Soulmates Summer Shooting by Kathi & Chris Photography
We wanted to create a wild heart soulmates summer shooting.
Best Of November '19
Bianca and Jonut in Transylvania by Lily Vasian
Bianca is also a super talented photographer and we've been quietly following and admiring eachother's work on insta for a while and then one day we accidentally met at a bakery store in town and ended up talking like A LOT..
Best Of November '19
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