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Best Of November '19
Love Storm by Miranville
"I am passionate about photography because it is a universal way to communicate. It doesn't matter the language barrier, the place where you are, or the differences in culture; everyone can see and understand what they want in a picture. There is no longer any need for words to understand this. It's the places and the people who tell us the story we want to tell."
The idea of ​​this shooting came to me by observing this couple. They were so loving, so passionate, and so accomplice! Their eyes were intense and they made me want to share a bit of that spark between them. This passion, are materialized in my head by these images that we have from the sea during storms. It’s raining, it’s ko, the wind is blowing you. And yet, there is something poetic about it. Because, in spite of the falling of the elements, you will always find a ray of sun which pierces in verse and against all the clouds which charge the sky, and which brings softness and beauty. So I wanted to transpose these chaotic elements of nature to this explosive love that is theirs. And I must say that they have completed perfectly!

Pictures by Sarah Miranville

Website & Instagram

Gear: Canon EOS RP + Canon 50mm 1.4

Location: Plage du petit Nice, Gironde, France

Presets: Moody Preset Collection by Kathrin & Simon

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