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"What is important initially is to realise that you need to make changes. And the good news is that it is possible to have a stress-free wedding season."

When the wedding season started, you were filled with enthusiasm and excitement. But as the summer progressed, you noticed that you are starting to get overwhelmed juggling all the different hats – capturing the wedding; editing; admin, marketing etc…

Somehow, you feel like you were not fully equipped for running the business smoothly – and it is affecting not only you negatively, but also how you are serving your clients.

— Pictures by Dennis Nutz

How can you avoid this from happening again in the future? Here are a few tips:

1. Self-Care

It is critical that you pay attention to your physical and mental well-being.

Eat healthy. A good way to go about this is to do meal planning and prepping in the beginning of the week.
Get some exercise. The post-process portion of a wedding has you sitting long hours in front of the screen. Make sure that you move your body. That doesn‘t mean that you have to go to the gym, but at least take a walk outside and get some fresh air.
Get enough rest. Your body and mind need time to rejuvenate. Get enough sleep, especially before a wedding.
Relax and Rejuvenate. Carve out time to do things that help you relax and get your creative juices flowing. Go outside and enjoy the summer with family and friends. Take a few days off every now and then to take a short trip. Enjoy a hobby or take on a little personal project.

2. Set Boundaries

A lack of boundaries can lead to overwhelm. It is vital that you set limits not only for yourself, but also for other people.
Reduce the number of bookings. Did you book too many weddings and engagement session this summer? Is that what led to work piling up? For the upcoming wedding season, it would be wise to set a limit on the number of bookings that you take on.
Plan in days off. Take time to do other things outside of just working on your business. That way you can come back to it feeling more refreshed – and actually become more productive.
Implement office hours. Set a start and end time to your work day. Stop editing, avoid answering emails, and posting on social media.
Communicate your delivery timeline clearly to your clients. Realistically assess how long you need to edit your wedding images and plan in enough extra time in case something unexpected comes up. If you can deliver ahead of time – great! If not, you know that you have planned in enough time to get your work done, without upsetting your clients.

3. Develop an Efficient Workflow

How organised are you? Do you have workflows and systems in place to help you become more productive and work effectively?
Think of ways that you can simplify your tasks. Optimize your client management and editing process. Use templates and checklists whenever possible.

Surely there are additional measures you can take to reduce the chances of a burn out in the future.

What is important initially is to realise that you need to make changes. And the good news is that it is possible to have a stress-free wedding season.


Article by Aida and Tim
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