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"Photography gives me the oppertunity to freeze special moments between two people! Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words! My goal is to capture not only pictures but also moments where you can look right in the couples hearts!"
Big things often start very small! Ilaria & Lorenz just asked me, if I could take some couple pictures of them, because they’ll get a baby in some weeks. To be honest, what’s the biggest sign of love you can recognize between two human-beings ?! Exactly…a baby!!! It wasn’t that hard for me to take awesome pictures of them, because there always was this little sense of happiness and joy in the air! We had so much fun capturing special moments in such a wonderful autumn landscape, with all those lovely colors!

Pictures by Jonas Kretschmann

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Gear: Canon 5D mk 4, Sigma 35mm f/1,4 Art

Location: Tiny little grassland near Langenhagen/Germany

Presets: based on Julia & Gil Presets

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